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P A P E R   F O X    C O L L E C T I V E

specializing in residential modeling, engineering, and documentation

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Notable Services

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Residential Design & Structural Engineering

Two harmonious services that when paired together, allow for an unmatched home solution. Efficiency and creativity are found between the collaboration of design and structural detailing.

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Real Estate Marketing (Image & Video Sets)

A suite of professional services that highlight key features of residential and commercial properties for the purpose of marketing, site documentation, or the creation of personal keepsakes.

3D Property Presentation Video

3D Rendering (Residential & Property)

By creating a 3D rendered model of a future residence or developed property, we greatly aid in the visualization process through the use of photo-realistic images, videos and virtual reality tools.

Passion Projects

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Songcards (Photography & Music)

A two sided 4"x6" postcard that is meant to capture the memento of a melody through a visual and physical media. All songcards are available for purchase via the etsy links provided.


Disc Jockey (Live Recorded Sets)

A long lived hobby that includes the creation of musical compilations geared towards the melodic electronic music genre. Most mixes are coupled with stories and can be accessed via the mixcloud links provided.

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