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trying to look cool

This is me


pretending to be a botanist


with people i adore

and THIS IS ME writing this bio

Howdy, I'm Scott

I have a few hobbies I've placed focus on outside of my life employed as a civil engineer. Filling me with passion are custom residential house design, photography, and music.


Beginning in my teenage years with only a sketchpad, the process of thinking through creative floor plans slowly took shape through the use of three dimensional software. An education in structural engineering and a constant interest in construction practices have strongly aided this curiosity. 

My hat as a photographer is to create limited-run postcards for independent musicians. If I were tasked with defining music, I would describe it as that of a feeling. A feeling drafted through vocals, percussion, synthesizers, guitars, and other human driven sounds that are later conveyed to an audience. My hobby has been to capture this feeling through photography.  

Expanding on the joy that music brings me, I've arrived at the conclusion that electronic music is one of the only genres of music that allows a "disc jockey" to thread unrelated songs together in an attempt to tell a larger story. There is no wearing of tank tops for me while I'm behind the one's and twos.