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Residential Style - Craftsman

What are the defining features of a craftsman house ?

Single Dormer: Positioned in the center of the house and grand in scale the unitary dormer of the house usually is filled with multiple windows.

Chimney: Inside of the house, a large fireplace is commonly placed begging the need of a chimney.

Exposed Rafter Tails: On the underside of the eaves, the beams used to frame the portion of the roof are typically left exposed.

Tapered Columns: Skinner at the top and wider at the bottom, two to four columns typically don the front of the house.

Multi-Pane Windows: Veering away from modernistic one pane windows, craftsman homes subdivide the window space into smaller windows.

Partially Paned Door: The top third of the door tends to be used to allow for small paned windows.

Covered Porch: Varying in width, the front porch is a staple of the style.

Deep Overhang Roof Eaves: Extending much farther than a typical home, the roof eaves tend to hang further outward.

Visible Knee Braces: A framing brace where roof features protrude outward is typically left exposed and embellished. 

The Four Types of Craftsman Homes

Bungalow: The traditional style craftsman known and seen by many.

Prairie Style: Created by Frank Lloyd Wright, the craftsman has a lower height and greater width.

Mission Revival: Much like the Prairie style but with an exterior of stucco.

Four Square: A simplistic design that includes four evenly divided rooms on each floor, eight total.

Birthplace - Upstate New York, Pasadena, California

Design Time

Challenge: You have fifteen minutes to come up with a unique craftsman house design that stays true to the design objectives of the style.

First Floor: Taking the front covered porch and wrapping it around the driveway side of the residence, an addition entry point to the house is created from the kitchen. The decision was made to block the circulation of the west half of the floor plan to allow for a kitchen pantry and foyer powder room. The wrap around living room allows for the functions of the dining room and kitchen to bleed into the room seamlessly. 

Second Floor: Entering the floor from the staircase landing a sunny loft will greet you, along with a collection of rooms that outline the staircase. With the intention to open up the space, it is the intention of the design to have a railing system that wraps around the entirety of the staircase. Using irregular bedroom shapes, each room can feel unique and catered to its respectable inhabit. 

                                                                                           Bedrooms: Four          Bathrooms: Three