Dear Reader,

     Allow me to thank you for taking the time to browse my slice of online property. I would first like to take some time to tell you about myself.

I am a licensed professional engineer with an expertise in structural engineering and residential design. My experience in engineering comes from seven years working as a professional engineer and a master of science in structural engineering. In contrast, my residential design background comes from a lifetime of architectural curiosity and an apprenticeship as a designer for a luxury residential design firm. Please feel free to view my architectural portfolio that allowed me such an opportunity as well as the current designs on my desk.

My goal with Paper Fox Collective is simple, I would like to strip the design process from the transfer of ownership between professional disciplines. To design the structure of a residence while concurrently designing its use and aesthetics. To create homes that impact those that live within them.

It is my hope that to think outside the box will yield a house that will resemble anything but a box.

Kind Regards.

Scott McGehee