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The latest podcast series. BoomBox Club Radio, the podcast with it's own fashion model. Spanning over 30 episodes, it is the longest running podcast of the three. In addition, the podcast follows no genre, and flows in and out of different styles and categories during its entirety. And who doesn't love a cute robot for each cover?

BoomBox Club Radio

Podcasts (in order of appearance)

Spanning from 2010 up until 2016, 6 years of podcasts, broadcasts, and any other synonym for standing in your bedroom, facing a wall, making compilations.

Downpour Radio

Full on progressive house. Following Radio Midnight, Downpour Radio began in 2012 with a heavy emphasis on progressive house. If that happens to be your taste in brandy, this may very well be the podcast for you.

Radio Midnight

The podcast that started it all. Beginning on a Numark Mixtrack Pro (with the addition of two AKAI LPD8 beatpads) so begun the Radio Midnight podcast series. Running into a fair amount of trance and progressive house, the mixes deviate from time to time into other genres sharing the techno cloud.

Illuminated Trance Compilation

Compilation dedicated to the trance scene. Starting as the first mix every produced as someone with a soundcloud page, the illuminated series featured some of my all time favorite trance tracks, along with a cheesy "looking off into the distance" cover photo shot in an obscure location (One happened to be a water treatment facility).