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P A P E R   F O X    C O L L E C T I V E

specializing in residential modeling, engineering, and documentation


An in field investigation of site characteristics that determine - sun orientation, rain drainage patterns, and existing vegetation - through a detailed plan set and photographic documentation.

The purpose of a site study is to gather various important information surrounding a piece of property and convey that information through a visual and concise plan set. The service package includes the following:

Site Perimeter Images: Pictures of all property corners and elevations are taken to illustrate current site conditions to design professionals and for purposes of marketing.

Topography & Drainage: In field topography survey data (provided by others) and GIS public record topography are used to determine elevation changes for the residence as well as determine drainage patterns for site rainfall.

Sun Schedule: Properly orienting a house with the direction of the sun is important for energy efficiency. Plotting the sun’s path, as well as natural shading from existing vegetation can greatly aid in the design of a great house.

Overall Site Data: Public databases are utilized to identify legal and regional data that may impact the ability to develop land.

Conceptual Septic Design:  If a property is unable to connect to a public sewer main, then the conceptual sizing of the septic system will be determined to establish the allocation of property that is needed for a septic system.


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