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P A P E R   F O X    C O L L E C T I V E

specializing in residential modeling, engineering, and documentation


Professionally certified design of the structural assemblies that comprise a residence, including full code compliant detailing.

A home’s structural design is directly related to the decisions made during the design process. Allowing the consideration of the structural assemblies during the spatial layout results in an efficient and effective overall design.


Foundation: Beginning with the detailing of the foundation, full dimensioning is given to allow for proper pouring of all concrete systems.


Platform: Depending on the type of space below the first floor (slab on grade, crawl space, basement) the first floor framing platform is designed, along with applicable upper level floor platforms.


Floor Plan: Identifying all structural assemblies that comprise the first floor, sizes, dimensions and full detailing, allow the framing and raising of first floor walls.


Roof Plan: Establishing where to brace the roof through use of purlin braces, point load quantities are calculated. Additionally, a suggested framing pattern is shown to illustrate where sheathing panels and rafters could be placed in accordance with fastening requirements.


Section Cuts: At instances non-typical with normal framing practices, cross sections are established and detailed to allow for the proper construction of the design intent.


Details: All structural assemblies and connections are detailed for local construction practices. Detailing has been excluded from the example plan set below.


An example set of the structural design, detailing has been excluded from the preview.

Structural Calculation Report


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