The Paper Fox

A long time ago there dwelled a society that hunted foxes for their fur. Because of this a local fox avoided any common spaces, thinking it might danger itself. The only time the fox would come out of hiding was at night when the villagers were sleeping. The fox stuck to the abandoned, less desirable places, sometimes even filthy ones. There had been one place that grew special, perched on a cliff side it overlooked the town. A little boy in the village idolized the fox and would always go searching for it. Sometimes at night he would see the fox playing around town. He knew when the wolves were away, the foxes would play. Due to a handicap, the boy was deemed unworthy of any apprenticeships in the village. He used to take the thin vinyl scraps from his father's armor shop and make little paper foxes, his own form of origami . As to not get into trouble, the boy kept them on the roof of his hut where his father, nor anyone else would know about them. One day a flood came, worse than ever before. The clever fox knew where to go, and perched itself on the filthy cliff side. The water level rose to beyond the tops of the buildings, drowning everyone in the village. A few miles downstream of the village, another town resided, unknown to each other. All the little paper foxes the boy had made began to float away with the water and were carried downstream to the foreign village. Not having any knowledge of foxes, the villagers were puzzled as to what they were seeing, or where they came from. The flood soon passed and twelve villagers walked upstream in curiosity. When they arrived to a destroyed village, they could hear the fox crying out. On its last end, it had lost any hope of salvation, taking its final breathes on the cliff side. One of the villagers walked up the rocky outcropping and grabbed it. After carrying the fox back, the villagers nurtured the fox back to health. Weeks went by and the fox was able to roam the village unbothered. The paper fox had found its home.