The latest seasonal mix from Paper Fox, running into tracks from Goldfrapp, The xx, L'Equipe Du Son, Bonobo, and many more.


1. Lesson 1 - L'Equipe Du Son

2. Glancing - Claes Rosen

3. Cola (Franky Rizardo Remix) - Elderbrook

4. We Know (Vintage And Morelli Remix) - Boom Jinx

5. Little L - Jamiroquai

6. Just the Way You are - Milky

7. On Hold (Jamie xx Remix) - The xx

8. Happy (Without You) - Miami Horror

9. Morenito - Stephane Pompougnac

10. Believer (Joris Voorn Remix) - Goldfrapp

11. Andromeda (Bonobo Remix) - Gorillaz

12. Finally Found (LNA Reprise) - Late Night Alumni


New Name, New Mix

Departing from the Scott Flight franchise (if I would be so bold to call it that), the search for a more fitting name ended on Paper Fox. Debating what to compliment the name with in terms of a mix that fit right, I landed on an Indie Rock mix that highlighted some of my favorite and long lasting Indie Stars, with just the right amount of techno mixed in. Although sadly I could not fit in Ben Gibbard's lovely voice (Death Cab for Cutie) into the compilation, I'm sure he'll make his way into a future Banquet.

It Must be Time to Mix

Using the one and only mixing software Traktor, the process begin to create the order of songs for the mix. Feeling confident on my choice of an introduction (who doesn't love a woman speaking french), I paired song choices with similar keys to see how they sounded. Some transitions did not work, and some did. But eventually, I felt comfortable with all transitions.

Searching for the Right Fit

After a theme in mind, it was time for the long process of track searching. Primarily using Spotify (my second love), to dig through digital crates in search of some goodies. Looking through public playlists and recommendations I managed to grab a few ripe tracks. Finally, some rummaging of older playlists of mine completed the search and allowed a few tunes to make their debut on the Winter Banquet.

Photoshop, My Friend

After a quick modeling shoot with the overpaid, quite tiny origami fox, I looked at the collection of photos I had. Using the only photograph to show his good side, the cover was ready to be made. Hues and saturations in photoshop were played with for far too long, but finally the cover was ready to shine.

We're Live

Uploading local files to a public playlist to spotify allowed the compilation to be listened to on the streaming service. After about 2 days, I realized this was in no way true, but with use of mixcloud and dropbox, it slowly made its debut. That would be enough talking on my end, enjoy the mix !