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MAY - ACT IV - 21

i think elitism is only to be applied to parts of your life. Maybe it's because you are one of the few that seek pure absolute romance, something that is fantasized in media and by you. You want something that people are too selfish to really want. But this cycle can be a problem for those who are infatuated with this fantasy. To follow this road for love and romance and to follow elitism eventually will force them to dance with one another. it is for this reason that you have to sometimes reset the clock that shows your progress, without such a mechanism you will eventually become selfish like everyone else. although word to the wise, such acts of valor are enough to cause the collapse of what you're chasing. it's best to distance yourself from such traits. they only bring solitude.

yet alas that you have made a friend today. One that was there all along. you've been draining curiosity on picturing a false idol. without such a gate closed, you can pretend again. pretend pleasantly.

something that will awake in the morning with you and start your day off feeling the sun's beauty. a rarety so far in your life.

NOV - ACT I - 20

in the same act of nature as that of a drizzle before the storm; the children of the rain gods doing all they can to warn of what their parents anger will bring, so are moments of life.

don't let one small pitfall bring you gloom. realize that it may have been a warning shot, preparing your reasoning for the storm that is about to come. 

FEB - ACT IV - 21

people think i'm smart,

i don't think i'm smart.

sometimes running doesn't have to be scary. the purpose of your exhaustive behavior is what has created you so. even when being young, you ran because you thought you were supposed to, you're still debating that right. but it makes perfect sense,

your act of running has placed you ahead of others. you're farther.

this book is dedicated to the appreciation of fearing that you might not be good at something.

Chapter 01.

       the single greatest discovery in life is finding someone you can slow down your short cummings into realizing that they're just parts of your personality. that this image you have in yourself for what you need to be is flawed. an intruder, one that shuts down your system of being a rigid soldier on the lines of life's tough battles. this person may not have the running background you seldom relate to, but they risked a large amount of their time to see if there was treasure inside you and that is something you can't say the same about yourself. Acknowledged not as much as you would like to care to admit. 

you may ask how to find such a rarity. the account i may give is that it takes time to see. that even people in this period of our lives may turn out to be something unentirely how you thought. that you are about to be wrong about someone. possibly more. after gaining such knowledge, it is easy to reflect on what it is else you may be wrong about. this is the person that will teach you indefinitely that there is no reason to run. this sort of statement would have been below you prior to meeting them. but over time you'll warm up to the idea, that maybe there could be logic to a life more stagnate. 

it will be hard at first to accept less of yourself, but those that hold out are the smartest. are those who are considered smart truly happy? I'd like to believe that being those things looks different. each can exist together, but the absence of one tends to make the other better. if it is brains you seek wholly, it is happiness you should limit. that realization is what this intruder of your ego system grew to life.

you will never stop running, it brings comfort now, but you tend to slow down your pace at wanting knowledge. which allows your happiness to reach a state where you may prefer it to being smart.

i'm not at such a point, i've been running a far bit at this point. it would be strange to stop.

MAY - ACT IV - 21

don't keep things you don't use. 

use less, learn more.

someone else can use more, much like what you use that was an accident.

the system only works if you participate.

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MAY - ACT IV - 21

you can't make your masterpiece now. 

no one will see it.

you have to become seen first, for any eyes to be on you.

if you spend your day looking like someone else, you'll have to stoop this low.