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P A P E R   F O X    C O L L E C T I V E

specializing in residential modeling, engineering, and documentation


Custom design of a single family dwelling residence where the spatial configuration of a floor plan and house elevations are developed.

To design one’s home is an intimate process where only one true design solution exists. The harmony between creating a space that matches your personality must find harmony with the structural assemblies. Utilizing a three dimensional computer aided design program, a uniquely designed house is presented within a plan set consisting of the following:

Floor Plans: Room designation used for presentation purposes. Each floor plan consists of room callouts and sizes, along with overall heated and unheated spaces.

Roof Plan: Designating the material type and slope, the roof plan helps to ensure proper drainage at the roof assembly.

Elevations: Each house side will be presented with an accompanying suggested wall section.

Schematic Floor Plan: although displaying the same floor plan as the floor plan set, the schematic focuses on interior and exterior dimensioning along with a door and window schedule (quantity and sizes). This makes this plan set valuable for approximating the overall cost of a project.

Isometric 3D views: In an effort to provide a deeper visualization of the designed residence, various viewpoints are taken and rendered using a three dimensional sketching software.


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